The Reckoner Rises series, Vol. 1
by David A. Robertson | illustrated by Scott B. Henderson | colour by Donovan Yaciuk

Grade: for grades 9–12
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Acclaimed writer, David A. Robertson, delivers suspense, adventure, and humour in this stunningly illustrated graphic novel continuation of The Reckoner trilogy.

After the events in Wounded Sky, Cole and Eva arrive in Winnipeg, the headquarters of Mihko Laboratories. They are intent on destroying the company once and for all, but their plans are thwarted when a new threat surfaces. When Cole becomes mired in terrifying visions, Eva must harness her newly discovered powers to investigate Mihko without him. Are Cole’s visions just troubled dreams or are they leading him to a horrible truth?

Perfect for fans of superheroes, The Bloodhound Gang returns in this all-new graphic novel series, The Reckoner Rises.

The Reckoner Rises series immediately hooks you and doesn’t let go. Its intense and compelling plot is balanced perfectly with incredible characters. This is the superhero story we need right now, incredibly real and incredibly poignant.
—Jeff Lemire

Robertson is an acclaimed and prolific writer who focuses on Indigenous characters and themes in all of his books. [His] books fight the kinds of stereotypes he encountered as a boy. The protagonist of “Breakdown” (with illustrations by Scott B. Henderson) — a continuation of his “Reckoner” trilogy of YA novels — is budding Indigenous superhero Cole Harper.
—Toronto Star

David A. Robertson’s powerful Indigenous YA trilogy gets a comic-book continuation, a natural format for the adventures of an anxious teen turned tormented superhero.
—Quill & Quire

This is a piece of art…the illustrations are outstanding…
—680 CJOB, The Start

I highly recommend this book for young adult collections, and suggest you check out The Reckoner trilogy if you haven’t read it yet.
—Bit About Books

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