We Dream Medicine Dreams

by Lisa Boivin | illustrated by Lisa Boivin

Grade: for grades K–3
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This item will be released on April 20, 2021.


Pub Date: 27/04/2021

From Dene artist and bioethicist Lisa Boivin comes this healing story of hope, dreams, and the special bond between grandfather and granddaughter.

When a little girl dreams about a bear, her grandfather explains how we connect with the knowledge of our ancestors through dreams. Bear, Hawk, Caribou, and Wolf all have teachings to share to help us live a good life. But when Grampa gets sick and falls into a coma, the little girl must lean on his teachings as she learns to say goodbye.

Masterful prose and stunning collage weave a gentle story about life and death that will touch the hearts of children and adults alike.


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